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Question of the Day: You Want Me to See A What?!


Did you ever have a friend, sibling, co-worker or (shudder) boss whom you WISH would get some therapy?  Yeah, we thought so.  Since today is National Psychotherapy Day, we thought we'd do our part to help the cause of removing the stigma of 'getting some professional help'.  We welcome your input and your songs in today's Question of the Day.

1. "Retrieval of You" -Minus 5, Down with Wilco

2. "She's Got A Problem" -Foutains of Wayne, Fountains of Wayne

3. "Crazy" -Ray Lamontagne, Crazy

4. "Crazy' -Patsy Cline, Sweet Dreams: The Complete Decca Studio Masters

5. "Twisted" -Lambert, Hendrix, and Ross, Everybody's Boppin'