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Question of the Day: When Did It Become Okay?


It's supposedly National Underwear Day.  Says who?  Says an industry group.  Normally we'd just keep moving on, but we wonder, when did it become OK (fashionable?) to let your boxers stick out above your pants, your bra show clearly and so forth.   Does it bother you when people 'let it all hang out' or are you a fan of the 'Llngerie look?' Ah, and here comes the real challenge:  can you find a song to, er, support your view?  Share it here, people, share it here

1. "Don't Talk To Me" -Steve Forbert, Mission of the Crossroad Palms

2. "Underwear" -The Magnetic Fields, 69 Love Songs

3. "Jen In Her Underwear" -Stephen Clair, Little Radio

4. "Let It All Hang Out" -The Hombres, Let It All Hang Out