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Question Of The Day: What's Up With That?


For some strange reason, a LOT of people made famous flights on July 2nd:  Steve Fosset flew solo around the world nonstop in a baloon in 2002, Amelia Earhardt disappeared during her famous flight around the world July 2, 1937. Perhaps less historical but worth noting: a guy a named Larry Walters (pictured above) attached 42 helium baloons to a lawn chair 30 years ago today... and rose a reported 16k feet into the air.  Is it a coincicence that the U.S. Army Air Corp was ALSO created July 2nd, 1926??  We think not! 

We'll do a set of songs about taking flight in today's Question of the Day.

1. "Fly Me To The Moon" -Frank Sinatra, It Might As Well Be Swing

2. "Jet Pack" -Jill Sobule, Underdog Victorious

3. "Jet Airliner" -Peter Pena, New Train

4. "Up, Up & Away" -The 5th Dimension, The Definitive Collection