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Question of the Day: What Would Jerry Do?


Jerry Garcia would have turned 70 today.  We hate to think of all the music he would have made if he had lived, but we'd LOVE to muse over what HE might be listening to if he were alive today.  Would Jerry still be listening to classic jug band music in his spare time -- or are there contemporary artists that would have caught his ear? Tell us what would be on Jerry Garcia's iPod in today's Question of the Day!

1. "Nothing Short of Thankful" -The Avett Brothers, Mignonette

2. "Prairie Dog Town" -Bruce Hornsby, Levitate

3. "The Cheapest Key" -Kathleen Edwards, Asking For Flowers

4. "Impossible Germany" -Wilco, Sky Blue Sky

5.  "Wordless Chorus" -My Morning Jacket, Okonokos