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Question of the Day: Dirty Old Town


Tourists! You can't live with 'em and you can't ... oh, you know.  A new survey reveals visitors to the Big Apple think it needs a Big Clean Up, rating NYC as the dirtiest in the nation (oh, as well as the loudest and rudest).  Gee, thanks.  Problem is:  residents think the town is pretty grimy, too, ranking it behind only Baltimore as Most Filthy.  So our question is:  do you mind?  Do dirt and vermin make the Big Apple less, uh, appealing?  Share a song with your sentiments here.

1. "Bright Spark" -Old 97's, Grand Theatre Vol. 2

2. "Dirty Boulevard" -Lou Reed, New York

3. "In The City" -Milton, Scenes from the Interior

4. "New York, New York" -Ryan Adams, Gold