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FUV Dance Picks: Safety First


Name: Darren DeVivo
Job: disc jockey and on air personality on WFUV
Where You Grew Up: The Morris Park section of the Bronx
Favorite Dance song: I've never really liked to dance and, as a result, I can't dance to save my life! To make matters worse, my recent knee injury has taken anything that slightly resembles rhythmic movement out of my step and forced me to the sidelines. Sitting them all out is now necessary for my safety!

So, Mr. DJ, play me Men Without Hats' "The Safety Dance" so I can sit this one out!

Here at FUV the whole staff is excited for the upcoming Rock Your Body Dance Party at Webster Hall Oct. 5th [tickets]. So until then we're posting our favorite songs to dance to right here at each day. Enjoy!