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Question of the Day: London Calling


Today marks the 35th anniversary of U.K. release of The Clash's self-titled first album, and the rest has been history. In celebration, we want your essential Clash - give us your top three. And to make things more exciting, tell us: is there a band that you feel carries the spirit of The Clash forward? Give us "The Call Up" - text or email and send us your playlist. Then listen in during the Question of the Day; you just might hear your selection!

Oh, Morning Crew, PUH-LEASE do tell us what you played!

Of course, dear listeners:

1. "Train in Vain" - The Clash, London Calling

2. "Magnificent Seven" - The Clash, Sandinista

3. "Rock the Casbah" - The Clash, Combat Rock

4. "London Calling" - The Clash, Combat Rock