Lykke Li: FUV Live

Swedish singer-songwriter Lykke Li attacks her songs with steely resolve, even if there's a wounded quality to her angsty examinations of broken love affairs.

She's impressed her army of fans ever since her somewhat coquettish 2008 debut album, Youth Novels. Drawing away from a safe pop template, a darker, more dramatic tone informed her next album, Wounded Rhymes, with songs like the torchy "Sadness is a Blessing."

Her third, just-released album, the transparently-titled I Never Learn, sees Li diving headlong into the raw aftermath of a bad breakup, leaning on big ballads and her aching soprano.  

Lykke Li and her bandmates visited Studio A last month and, below, you can watch videos of Lykke Li performing "Gunshot" and "Never Gonna Love Again" at FUV. Listen to the entire session now in the FUV Vault or on TAS on 91.5 WNYE this Friday, May 16, at 11 a.m. EDT, also streaming online.



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