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Listen And Watch: The Lisps On TAS In Session On WNYE 91.5


Theatrically-minded quartet The Lisps are renowned for their off-the-wall live performances, dabbling in everything from vaudeville to Grand Guignol to gypsy-lashed rock and straight-up freak folk. The New York quartet have a brand new album, Are We at The Movies?, which you can check out below, but the bulk of the band's last couple of years have been spent focusing on a musical, called FUTURITY.

The quartet of Sammy Tunis (vocals, melodica), César Alvarez (vocals, guitar), Lorenzo Wolff (bass) and Eric Farber (drums) admittedly sacrificed a lot of touring time for their show, described as a Civil War sci-fi musical, which will be produced in 2012 at the American Repertory Theater in Cambridge, Massachusetts and the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The Lisps talked about everything from Ja Rule to John Stamos when they visited The Alternate Side's studios for a chat with Russ Borris and you can check out the entire interview when it airs on TAS in Session on 91.5 WNYE this Friday, July 22, at 11 a.m. EDT and streams on the TAS website. 

Or, if you miss the interview, find it in our archive here.

You can get a good taste of the band's irreverent wit and performance chops in the videos below for "Wear and Tear," "Dreamhouse" and the new album's title track, "Are We At The Movies?"




Are We at the Movies? by The Lisps