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Frightened Rabbit's Scott Hutchison Talks To TAS And...


Frightened Rabbit will release a limited 500-edition box set in November that will not only include all four singles from their latest album, The Winter of Mixed Drinks, on 7-inch vinyl, but will also feature frontman Scott Hutchison's duet with The Hold Steady's Craig Finn on the Elton John and Kiki Dee pop classic "Don't Go Breaking My Heart." Very bro-mantic.

In fact, thanks to Brooklyn Vegan, there's even a video of Hutchison and Finn giving it their all on Saturday night:


Scott caught up with The Alternate Side over email a couple of weeks ago and clued us in on what he might be wearing for the Halloween Eve show and why Craig is the perfect Kiki Dee.

TAS: You're returning to NYC with Plants and Animals on Halloween Eve - what does is mean to be back in New York and what does the city mean to you and the band? What are your favorite NYC spots?

Scott Hutchison: We love New York for so many reasons. It was the first city we ever played in the states, so to think back upon basements and empty rooms past is quite satisfying. We have good friends in the city, which is really important. The food is second to none: Corner Bistro, Veselka, myriad pizza slice joints, 2nd Avenue Deli... all incredible.

TAS: Halloween was never a big holiday in the UK until recently, but do you recall any childhood Halloween memories? Particularly inventive costumes? And might you and your bandmates have any plans for Flaming Lips-style costume choices for the Terminal 5 show?

Scott: I once dressed up as Peter Criss from Kiss. Throughout the night, I was lighting my chest hair and calling it "pyrotechnics." We also had large erect penises spray painted onto our leather trousers. Seemed pretty hilarious at the time. For the T5 show, we plan to dress as "The Five Ages of Elton John."

TAS: Have you been working new songs into the sets? If so, which ones?

Scott: We haven't been working in any unheard material, but have learned how to play more of the new record, so songs like 'Things' and 'Not Miserable' get an outing on this tour.

TAS: How did that cover of "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" with Craig Finn come about for the upcoming box set of singles? Were you Kiki or Elton?

Scott: As for the cover, I've been thinking about doing an all-male version of that song for some time. Craig was always top of my list, and I really couldn't believe he said yes to it. I wanted it to sound like a couple of guys having a drunken 'bro down' at the end of a night. Craig did a great job.