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TAS in Session: Metric


Interview/Performance with Metric

Listen to the whole session:


We Love Metric. Note the capital "L." Their new album Fantasies is a start-to-finish pleasure to listen to. The band took some time off after the last record so they could actually experience life and form new experiences. Writing an album about life on the road during a tour is not something that appeals to them. They prefer to offer up songs that most people can relate to. Quality of over quantity I say.

Oh, and by the way, yes, Emily Haines is actually gorgeous. She looks like Uma Thurman but hotter. With looks like that, you'd expect her to be kind of a jerk ( well, I did, at least) but you know what? She was actually really nice, funny and thoughtful. A real talent, that Emily. And James was much the same (no resemblance to Uma though.) Those two cracked me up actually. You gotta check out the interview.