The Thistle & Shamrock

The most listened-to Celtic music program in the world, from NPR, with host Fiona Ritchie, Sundays at 7am.

Created weekly in the foothills of the Scottish Highlands, The Thistle & Shamrock is one of NPR's longest-running and most popular music offerings. This vibrant and engaging program is produced exclusively for public radio stations, and is the most listened-to Celtic music program in the world.

Each week, award-winning host Fiona Ritchie explores the evolving Celtic musical traditions of Europe and North America. In addition to well-known artists and selections, Ritchie introduces curious listeners to Celtic influences in World and contemporary music, and investigates other distant landscapes and genres. These elements are all woven together with Ritchie's trademark enthusiasm, rich knowledge base, and passion for the music.

For more information, visit the official Thistle & Shamrock web site.