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Zika Concern in NYC

(Photo Courtesy) Katja Schulz, Wikipedia


With summer fast approaching, The Health Department is warning New Yorkers about a possible resurgence of the Zika virus. Health Officials are urging women who are pregnant or planning to become pregnant to avoid traveling to places like Latin America and the Caribbean.  

The city's deputy mayor, Dr. Herminia Palacio, says they're still learning about the dangers of the Zika virus. This is because the virus is notoriously hard to identify in adults. However, Dr. Palacio urges that just because the mosquito-born illness is hard to identify doesn't make it any less of a real threat.

"It wasn't until we started seeing pictures coming out of Brazil of babies with small heads that we all learned we were up against a disease that we've never seen before." Palacio said.

As of this week, 1,067 New Yorkers tested positive for Zika virus disease, including 402 pregnant women, and all of the cases were associated with travel.