WFUV's 2023 Black History Month Series

Black History Month at WFUV (Photo/AP News)
by Christina Ljuljic | 02/07/2024 | 2:18pm

(Photo/AP News)

In honor of Black History Month, we'll be featuring a series highlighting Black representation in music around New York City. I’m Christina Ljuljic. 

To kick off the series, WFUV's Maya Sargent talked to The Harlem Chamber Players about their 15th annual Black History Month concert at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture. 


That was WFUV’s Maya Sargent talking about the Harlem Chamber Players 15th annual Black History month concert in Harlem.  Next, we’re hearing about a New York City community group that honors Black History month through musical performances. From jazz to classical, to R&B, to rap, music has always been a pillar in the Black community. Music Reginae is a Queen’s based organization. They hold an annual Black History month concert that highlights the work of African American artists. WFUV’s Leah Mallory talked with the Artistic Director and Founder to discuss how they're honoring Black History Month.


That was WFUV's Leah Mallory talking about Musica Reginae's Black History Month concert in Queens. Next, WFUV’s Nicoleta Papavasilakis spoke to Noel Hankin. He and his group - The Best OF Friends, helped manage some of the first black owned clubs in New York City. They discussed how Hankin played a part in bringing disco to the mainstream. 


That was WFUV’s Nicoleta Papavasilakis talking to Noel Hankin from the Best of Friends. To hear more about this history of disco, you can check out his book Disco After Dark: Birth of the Disco Dance Party. 

To end our Black History series here at WFUV, I sat down with the global head of business and executive producer of Afropunk. It’s an organization that celebrates Black culture and diversity through music, art, and diversity. We spoke about their festival at Lincoln Center that celebrates and uplifts Black women. 


Thanks for tuning into WFUV’s Black History Month series, where we highlight Black representation in music around New York City. I’m Christina Ljuljic, WFUV News. 

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