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Wedding Industry Welcomes Gay Marriage


The sounds of wedding bells could bring in new business for a number of New York City shops.

New York City wedding industries may soon see a big boom in business.  With the State Senate one vote away from legalizing gay marriage, wedding planners, flower shops, and catering halls are expecting an increase in customers.

“To have more people want to take that step because it’s legitimized, that would be fantastic," said Lynn Jawitz, the owner of Florisan Wedding and Design.  "My business would be going up dramatically, as would the business of every other person in the wedding industry from Djays to catering halls. It’s going to be a real shot in the arm for businesses.” 

Some local owners are also reaching out to the gay community.   “Aside from just supporting it personally, as the shop owners, we would also be excited about having a new marketing territory," said Butterlane Cupcakes owner Maria Baugh.  "It would be a whole new market we would be able to explore."

The New York City Comptroller’s Office estimates the legalization of gay marriage would boost the city’s economy by more than 140 million dollars.