A Visit to Bonnie Slotnick's Rare and Vintage Cookbook Shop

In a digital era where you can quickly do a Google search of pretty much any recipe, the idea of flipping through a cookbook for inspiration in the kitchen may feel antiquated. But for Bonnie Slotnick and many others, cookbooks are far from obsolete and offer much more than just recipes. Slotnick owns a vintage cookbook shop in New York's East Village. She moved to 28 East Second Street after being priced out of her old location in the West Village.

When you walk into Slotnick's shop, it’s like stepping back in time to an internet-free world. Her store is filled to the brim with vintage cookbooks from around the globe. For this edition of "Cityscape," we sat down with Slotnick to talk about her history and love of cookbooks.

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