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Supporters say UN still serves purpose amid backlash

Photo Courtesy of Kacie Candela


Some US lawmakers have been questioning the value of the United Nations.  But others say the UN doesn't get the credit it deserves.

A Security Council vote last week has triggered a string of backlash over the US's role in the United Nations.  Some lawmakers are even calling for the US to withdraw funding from the UN.  But supporters say, it plays an important role in setting an agenda for global progress.  The UN's goals for 2030 address issues like poverty and climate change. 

Simon Moss is co-founder of Global Citizen, a charity with close ties to the UN.  He says, the UN can't achieve its goals alone.

"That's only going to happen if we, as citizens, get involved.  And the UN can help provide a framework to do that, the UN can help bring together the best ideas, but ultimately it'll only suceed when we do it," he said.

President-elect Trump has not backed calls to defund the UN.  But, he says the UN is a social club that starts more problems than it solves.