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Strike A Chord: Closing the Civilian and Veteran Gap...

[Photo Source] Johannes Jansson/ Wikipedia


Leo Farley is reading a short story aloud as part of the so-called Craft of War writing workshop at the Morris Park Public Library. Leo's a veteran of the Vietnam War. He says this class allows him to tap into his creative side and work through feelings associated with his time in battle.

"It's like having somebody to talk to, even if it's yourself, on a piece of paper you know? You can think back, and then kind of get it out, pour it out."

Jeremy Warneke co-founded the writing class. He says its open to everyone, not just veterans, for a very good reason.

"A lot of people talk about the civilian, military divide, and obviously there's all these issues involved, this lack of understanding. These writing workshops tend to help bridge that divide."

Warneke himself is a veteran, having served in Iraq between 2003-2004. The Craft of War writing workshop has been around for about a year and meets once a week.