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State Senator Pushes for Speed Cameras in New York City...

Reports of speeding in the Bronx have Senator Jeff Klein concerned about the safety of the city's kids

Speed cameras could soon appear in some New York City school zones.  That's if State Senator Jeff Klein gets his way.

Senator Klein (D-Bronx/Westchester) spoke at P.S. 081 on Riverdale Avenue today.  The Department of Transportation reported 96 percent of vehicles went over the speed limit last year in this school zone, the highest of any school in the Bronx.  This prompted the Senator to do some furthur research himself. 

A study he comissioned in May reveals every day, fifty percent or more vehicles are continuing to speed through the school zone.  Klein says this shows children are not safe on the streets.

"I think we're really putting each and every day, unfortunately, young people at risk when they go to-and-from school."

Klein introduced legislation to allow the use of speed cameras in city school zones where dangerous speeding is identified.  Critics wonder if more police enforcement might be a better idea. But Klein says NYPD officers can't be everywhere at once.

"Let's face it - the NYPD works very hard and does a tremendous job in fighting real crimes.  And I think it's naive to expect that we're going to have a police officer stationed in front of a school all day writing traffic summonses."

The legislation is being considered in both the Senate and the Assembly in the final days of this year's session.