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Seniors Push for More In-Home Care Funding

Seniors Push for More In-Home Care Funding
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Advocates for seniors rally to restore money cut under Bloomberg administration.

Senior advocates rallied at the steps of New York City Hall Thursday morning. They’re calling for more money for senior programs.

The Expanded In-Home Services for the Elderly Program, known as EISEP, pays for in-home help for elderly people who don’t qualify for Medicare. The program receives state and local funding.

But advocates say there isn’t enough funding for the centerpiece of their program, more social workers. Lani Sanjek is a senior rights activist. She’s a retired home care nurse, and she said many seniors are nervous.

“I think that for a city to be a livable place for us as we grow older, we need to have a program like EISEP,” said Sanjek.

Sanjek said she wants the city to restore all 6.6 million dollars for social workers that was cut under the Bloomberg administration. Budget negotiations continue up to the new fiscal year beginning July 1.