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Popular Costumes for the 2013 Halloween Season

Popular Costumes for the 2013 Halloween Season
New York City Costume Shop Owner Explains What's "In" for the Spooky Holiday.

Candy is arguably the sweetest thing about the Halloween season, but another important part of the holiday tradition is putting together a good costume. 

Tony Bianchi, Manager of Halloween Adventure in Lower Manhattan for 17 years, said the most popular costumes for teens and adults are from popular culture.

"You're going to have Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad is really big, everyone's been asking for Breaking Bad," Bianchi said. "Miley Cyrus, the Mouseketeer gone bad."

According to the National Retail Foundation, Americans will spend about $2.6 billion this Halloween season on dressing up, and for many year-round costume shops, the holiday generates a lot of money. Bianchi said the spooky holiday brings in plenty of revenue.

"You do 60% of your business, it's like if you didn't have Christmas, Macy's would be in trouble wouldn't it?"

Bianchi said haunted houses, parades, and parties mean some who celebrate Halloween need more than one costume.