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Pop-Up Floating Library To Come To NYC

Pop-Up Floating Library To Come To NYC
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A pop-up floating library will dock in the Hudson River this weekend.

If you step aboard the Lilac Museum Steamship in Tribeca over the next few weeks, you'll be reminded of a simpler time. 

The ship's main deck will be transformed into a free outdoor reading lounge. Beatrice Glow, the artist behind the project, said visitors can pour through a wide range of reading materials, while getting a taste for adventure.

"This is not a glossy yacht," said Glow. "It's a World War II era steamship. So, it has a lot of nooks and crannies, different spaces that invoke a sense of exploration, navigation, when you enter it."

Glow said visitors will have to power down their mobile devices once on board, which she hopes will help people take a break from busy city life and connect with one another.

"We are constantly sitting in front of screens, so I'm really looking for a place for people to be really much more present with each other, to actually have real conversations," Glow said. 

The Floating Library runs from September 6th until October 3rd. After that, the books will be donated to local high school students.