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Peak Fall Foliage Season Delayed

New Yorkers will have to wait longer for a scene like this
Photo Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

City goers hoping to catch some fall foliage without going very far this holiday weekend may be disappointed.
Peak foliage this year is expected to occur later than usual. Dr. Nina Bassuk is a professor of horticulture at Cornell University. She says warmer than usual temperatures have contributed to the delay.
"The color is going to be later this year because we've had a wet summer, which is keeping the leaves on and keeping them from going dormant. And it's been warmer than normal. In the fall especially, we haven't had frost yet. So I think we're gonna have it two weeks later than normal, but we will have fall color."
Bassuk says the New York City area won't experience peak foliage until late October and early November.