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NYC Wants to Make it Easier for Drivers to Pay and Find...

NYC Wants to Make it Easier for Drivers to Pay and Find Street Parking
The city has unveiled two pilot programs along Arthur Avenue in the Bronx.

Imagine being able to pay for parking in New York City without walking to a muni-meter.

A new mobile app allows drivers to pay for street parking on their cell phones. The pilot program kicked off Tuesday along Arthur Avenue in the Bronx.

The technology also warns drivers via email or text messages when their time is about to expire. But, Mayor Bloomberg said drivers will not have to run back to their cars. He says they can remotely pay for additional parking time.

“It’s another example of how creative people are coming up with ideas to use technology to make our lives better,” said Bloomberg.

To participate drivers must download the so-called PayByPhone app and register their license plate numbers and credit card information on the PayByPhone website.

The city also launched a so-called Real-Time Parking Availability Map on Tuesday.

The map displays current parking availability on the 177 metered spots along Arthur Avenue and East 187th street.

New York City Department of Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan said sensors embedded in the curb lane will detect the presence of a parked vehicle and wirelessly transmit data. That information is then uploaded to a map viewable on the internet, smartphones and tablet devices directing drivers to open spaces.

“New York City parking has come a long way since we had to put a roll of quarters in our pocket just to get ready to pay for parking at the curb. But, even before you can pay for the meter you actually have to find a spot and now the city is going to help you get what you need to get that done,” said Sadik-Khan.

The Real-Time Parking Availability Map does not tell you an exact spot to go to but the chances you have to find a space on a particular block.