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NYC Prepares to Give Parks a Makeover

NYC Prepares to Give Parks a Makeover
New York Mayor De Blasio says the city is trying to address decades of neglect to local parks.
New York City Mayor De Blasio and Parks Commissioner Michael Silver say the city is investing $130 million to remodel 35 parks in all five boroughs.  It's the first phase in a project they say will reach more than 200,000 New Yorkers. 
De Blasio says some parks have thrived. But others have not because they lack adequate resources and support. 
"We're here today to take a major step toward addressing those inequities, and showing what a path is to a city where each and every neighborhood, each and every borough, and each and every park gets the support they deserve," he said.
Some of the current least-funded parks in New York City will get the first makeovers, including Bowne Park in Queens, where De Blasio spoke. These parks are in areas with high population density, growth and poverty rates.