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NYC Affordable Housing Plan Threatens Future of Community...

NYC Affordable Housing Plan Threatens Community Gardens
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Some of the city's community gardens will potentially become spaces for affordable housing developments.
Some New York City community gardens are in danger. Advocates and lawmakers want more details about the city's plan to convert these green spaces into affordable housing. 
At the Electric Ladybug garden in West Harlem, plants lie dormant under inches of snow in what was once a vacant construction lot. Lawrence Terry with the garden said it's transformed his neighborhood over the past three years.
"We're creating something for the community thats vital something thats living something thats inclusive as opposed to just a dump site," said Terry. 
Terry says the space was leant to them by the city's Department of Housing Preservation and Development. And now HPD needs it back for its affordable housing plan.
Terry's urging HPD to let the gardens stay and develop its nearly 200 other vacant lots instead. Manhattan Council Member Mark Levine agrees. He says the community should be more involved in HPD's site selection process. 
"So there points of view are heard and so they're kept informed every step of the way," said Levine. 
HPD said using all of the lots is necessary to combat the city's housing crisis.