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NY Legislature to Interview Temporary AG Candidates

Photo Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons


The New York State Legislature is getting ready to interview candidates to replace former Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. Barbara Underwood filled the seat as the state's chief legal officer when Schneiderman stepped down last week after four women accused him of abuse. Underwood was previously the state solicitor general, the second in command to the Attorney General. But her job as Attorney General is not guaranteed. Upwards of 20 hopefuls have thrown their name in the ring for the temporary position. And the state legislature will start interviewing candidates-- including Underwood-- on Tuesday. Jeff Coltin is a staff reporter covering New York politics at City and State. He said all these competitors will make for an interesting race for the seat when it opens up again for elections in the fall.

"The fact that there is an open and competetive race for New York Attorney General makes it more likely that more voters will be turning out in November," Coltin said. "Already there are more people that are politically engaged because Donald Trump is the biggest story in the world. Nut now the local elections just got even more exciting."

Schneiderman was basically guaranteed reelection at the end of the year, so the recent shake up in Albany has a lot of candidates itching for the job.