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NY Judges and Lawyers Work to Close "Justice Gap"

NY Judges and Lawyers Work to Close "Justice Gap"
New law to increase the number of lawyers eligible to work pro bono.
New York State lawyers are working to close the so-called "justice gap," by helping the poor get more access to free legal services. 
Last year, only about 20% of people in New York in need of these services were able to get them, due to a shortage of lawyers. 
But on Monday, New York Chief Justice Jonathan Lippman announced that out-of-state lawyers working as in-house counsel for corporations can now provide pro bono services. He says it's a lawyer’s duty to help those in need. 
"This is what it means to be a lawyer," said Lippman. "To preform service to others is what we are all about - or what we should be all about." 
The new law will take effect on Wednesday.