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New York's Food Trucks "Deliver" Food to the...

New York's Food Trucks Deliver Food to the Elderly

New York's Food Trucks Deliver Food to the Elderly JuniorMonkey, flickr

New York City's food trucks are raising funds for the homebound elderly

New Yorkers who stop by a food truck to grab a grilled cheese sandwich or an Italian ice can now help the homebound elderly at the same time.

The New York City Food Truck Association is joining forces with the Citymeal-on-Wheels program. For two weeks, food trucks will be collecting donations to help prepare and deliver food to the city's homebound elderly. Beth Shapiro with Citymeals-on-Wheels said the trucks will make a difference.

"These are people who can no longer shop or cook for themselves.They are not able to get out to go to a grocery store, to prepare a meal for themselves," said Shapiro.

She said she's also confident New Yorkers will support the cause.

"New Yorkers are an amazing group of supportive people and knowing how a simple dollar will deliver a meal to a homebound elderly person who has helped build this city. I think New Yorkers are going to be generous."

Some 40 food trucks will help raise funds. Citymeals delivers food to over 1,500 New Yorkers.

Shapiro hopes to raise $10,000 through the effort.