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New Yorkers Rally to Save a Neighborhood Supermarket

Lower East Siders are raising their voices over an announced closure of a longtime neighborhood supermarket.

Some residents at a Lower East Side neighborhood in Manhattan want to keep a local supermarket from shutting its doors.

The Pathmark supermarket and pharmacy on Cherry Street has served the largely low-income community for nearly thirty years. It is expected to close by the end of the year. It sold its lease to developers who want to build a high-rise complex on the site.

Councilwoman Margaret Chin represents the district. She says it is not just about losing affordable food.

“Yes, we shop here and feed our families, but it also means jobs for our neighborhood. Those who work at Pathmark, this means their livelihood and supporting their families,” said Chin.

Seven-year resident, Iris Colon, says it is not just about cheap produce. The pharmacy is vital for access to affordable medicine.

“My father comes here every single time he needs a refill. My friends also come here and they have conditions. Some are diabetics and have children that have medical needs and this is where they come to,” Colon said.

The company that owns Pathmark says they might re-open the supermarket after the construction is completed.