New Yorker Gears Up for Extreme Race

by Chris Williams | 05/31/2012 | 5:47pm

New Yorker Gears Up for Extreme Race

Race will feature jumping, crawling, and diving.

 In recent years, races with extreme obstacles have become more and more popular. 

Johnny Garcia trains at Warrior Fitness Boot Camp in Manhattan three times a week.
Ten years ago, Garcia thought he was done as a runner because of a serious injury. But Garcia says in 2010, after classes at Warrior Fitness Boot Camp helped heal his injuries, he was ready to get back in the game. 
Garcia has completed 11 adventure races since 2010 and has 12 races scheduled for this year. His next one is this weekend, the Spartan Sprint in Tuxedo Mountain, New York. The Spartan Sprint is 4 miles of crawling, diving, and jumping. The fastest time is expected to be 40 minutes. 
For Garcia, the race is a good fit because traditional 5ks don’t interest him. He says he likes the obstacles because he never knows what to expect. 
“During the middle of the course you feel like 'I don't ever want to do this again.’ You're scraped up, you're bloody, you're muddy, but at the end of it, it’s a feeling of euphoria.”
When Garcia first started these races, his only goal was to finish. Now, he wants to win. But no matter what, crossing the finish line gives him a sense of accomplishment. 
"As a physical being, it lets you know you're not done yet. That's why I like it.”

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