New York Senator Gillibrand Announces Farming Program in Yonkers

by Katie Fisher | 10/08/2012 | 3:00pm

New York Senator Gillibrand Announces Farming Program in Yonkers

The program will teach students about the agriculture business

A new community food program in Yonkers is teaching young people about the organic farming business.

Monday New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand announced a $190,000 federal grant program called, "Get Fresh Yonkers".  It will teach students about agricultural production, marketing and distribution.  The project will also help the community's youth work at local farmers markets and on a Science Barge, where they will learn how to grow and harvest crops.  Gillibrand said this program wil provide kids with hands on training. 

"How do you run a small business, how do you take this produce and bring it to a farm stand, sell it, set the right price, count your money, make sure you're making a profit," said the New York senator.  "Those are the skills young people will have with them when as they become older and get ready for the job market."

17-year-old Sheik Gddin is a Yonkers student who volunteered at the farmers market last summer.  He said this project was hard but rewarding.

"I learned valuable lessons on how to deal with the bustling inner workings of a market place, its very difficult to run something where people are constantly moving around."

The project will also help efforts to revitalize downtown Yonkers with new markets and attractions, including the Saw Mill River Farmers Market the Science Barge.  In addition, the program will increase access to healthy and affordable produce.

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