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New York City Pools Open for the Summer

New York City Pools Open for the Summer
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Kids can't wait to get their summer started.

All 55 New York City outdoor pools opened today and kids are already enjoying the water at Crotona Pool where Parks Commissioner Mitchell J. Silver announced the openings.

After a countdown, many local kids jumped into the pool for what officials called "the first splash of the season." State Senator Gustavo Rivera said that parks and pools like Crotona are important places for kids to spend time with friends and family. 

"What it means is having a place where they can go right outside their building or just a couple of blocks down the road from where they live and enjoy themselves," said Rivera.

Rivera added that public places like Crotona Park can also surprise people who have a negative impression of the Bronx. 

"I love showing people who don't know how beautiful our borough is, how amazing our borough is, places like this pool right here."

On Friday at the pool, officials unveiled a new $1.6 million dollar spray shower. It is located at the site of a former diving pool, but the area had remained unused for 30 years. Now, children can run through the water and colorful fixtures on the pool deck. 

"We are excited to bring it back to life for the kids to enjoy," said Silver of the previously unused area.

Rivera hopes that parks and pools like there can stay maintained so that local residents can continue to have beautiful, fun places to create new memories for years to come.

Pools throughout the city will also offer free swimming programs for people of all ages and abilities, including Learn to Swim, Water Aerobics, Lap Swimming, Senior Splash, Adapted Aquatics, and Youth Swim Teams.

In addition, many pool sites offer kids 18 and younger free breakfast and lunch.

All pools will be open seven days a week until Labor Day.