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New York City Lawmaker Aims to Make the City More...

[Photo; flickr, CasketCoach]


It is hard to get around if you are disabled in New York City. But New York State Assemblymember Victor Pichardo wants to help out by getting wheelchair accessible vehicles to the disabled more efficiently. 

Pichardo announced a plan to create a city-run dispatch service that only offers wheelchair-accessible vehicles. He says anyone living in the five boroughs will be able to call the service.

"They'll get a car much faster," he says. "Because there'll be more vehicles available that are actually wheelchair-accessible."

Pichardo says the disabled can already call to get for-hire vehicles, but they can take up to an hour or longer to arrive due to demand.

"Folks who are disabled and have doctor's appointments or family obligations or have to go to work, they have to compound this extra time into their travel time" he says. "Which is an unnecessary burden to them."

Pichardo says the bill has already been introduced in the City Assembly.