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New York City Council Members Demand More Education Funds...

New York City Council Members Demanding More Education Funds from the State
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City Council members joined public school advocates on the steps of City Hall today asking for an additional $1.9 billion in state education funds.

Natasha Capers is a public school parent from Brownsville, Brooklyn. She says Governor Cuomo's proposal to dedicate $800 million to education this year isn't nearly enough.

"When schools sit in Brownsville and across the city without libraries, that is unjust," she said.

Advocates say the state actually owes the city almost $3 billion, after the legislature promised additional education funding in 2007. 

Brooklyn Councilman Mark Treyger is among the many demanding the state legislature make up for part of the education funding deficit with an extra $1.9 billion. He says education is the foundation of the state's future.

"You cannot be pro-growth if you don't support your schools," he said.

The Governor will announce the state budget after the proposal deadline on April 1.