New 24/7 Laundry Mat Hits the Upper East Side

Image Caption: New 24/7 Laundry Mat Hits the Upper East Side
by Kris Venezia | 04/29/2015 | 4:16pm

Dashlocker offers customers a new way to clean dirty clothes.

A new laundry mat on the Upper East Side has no dryers or washing machines.

Robert Hennessy entered the laundry business two years ago, and he recently introduced Dashlocker to New York City. The place looks like a junior high locker room, with 150 cubbies lining the walls. Customers put their dirty wash in a locker, and twenty-four hours later return to pick up their clean clothes. Hennessy says the process is very convenient.

"If you give us your dry cleaning in a dry cleaning bag, or your wash-and-fold in a wash and fold bag; it's as easy as opening the door, opening a locker, shutting the locker, putting a lock combo into it, and walking out. You could be in an out in under a minute very easily," he said. 
Dashlocker is open around the clock, and offers dry cleaning, wash-and-fold, and shoe shines without any human interaction. Hennessy says he wants to expand the service in New York City.
"What we're trying to do is just paint the city with as many lockers as we can," he said. 
Dashlocker already plans to open three more locations on the Upper East Side by Labor Day. Hennessy says he wants to expand into apartment buildings in the future. 
"We can make the convenience of Dashlocker, the convenience of dry cleaning, even simpler for the customer," he said, "We can tell you, go to your basement. You don't even have to take your slippers off, your dry cleaning is ready."
Wash-and-fold costs $1.25 per pound, and must be a minimum of twelve pounds. Hennessy got the idea for Dashlocker from a San Francisco laundry mat called Laundry Locker after his sister sent him a web video of the west coast cleaner.  

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