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Music and more

Courtesy of Courtney Emery, Flickr


On this week’s Fordham Conversation we delve into music and more music.

How long is too long for a college band to get their big break? What if years, even decades have passed? In this WFUV's Kacie Candela takes us back to Boston in the 1960s, when Fordham professor Dr. Frank Werner, then an undergraduate at Harvard, crossed paths with singer-songwriter Travis Pike to record some songs for a rock and roll musical comedy movie, Feelin' Good. Lost for half a century, through a series of nearly miraculous circumstances, those songs have found their way back into the world - and onto vinyl.

Then WFUV’s Patrick Russomanno spoke with Fordham Professor Nate Sloan about his podcast “Switched on Pop.”  The podcast examines the making and meaning of popular music.  Listen here.