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More Bike Racks for NYC Cyclers

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New bike racks get rolled out as officials announce commuter biking has doubled in the last 4 years.

The New York City Department of Transportation is converting former parking meters into bike racks to meet a growing demand for bike parking.

According to the DOT, bike riders counted at commuter locations increased 8 percent this year.

Caroline Sampanero with Transportation Alternatives said the increased number doesn’t surprise her.  But, she said it’s a problem when bikers reach the end of their commute and there is no rack there waiting.

“Bike riding makes a lot of sense in a city like New York where trips are short, few people own cars, and transit is crowded," Sampanero said.  She believes more racks will mean more cyclists.

The new bike racks are designed to easily slide onto the existing meter posts.  The DOT has already installed 175 of these bike racks and is planning to install another 6 thousand citywide.