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Metro-North's New Haven Line Still Experiencing...


Connecticut commuters are angry about the reduced schedule and overcrowding on trains.

Metro-North’s New Haven line is still struggling to get back on track after this winter’s slew of snow storms.

The line is running on a reduced schedule, and will be until March 4th. About half of the line’s aging rail cars are out of service due to their inability to handle the snow. New rail cars have to undergo extensive testing and it is unclear when they will be ready.

Jim Cameron chairs the Connecticut Rail Commuter Council and said that the commute on the New Haven line was sub-par before the storms and has only gotten worse. The Council is an independent group started by the Legislature twenty five years ago to oversee Metro-North. The members are not compensated and are all commuters themselves.

According to Cameron, Metro-North is not completely to blame. “It’s not their fault that the weather has been so bad, and it’s not their fault that the Connecticut legislature has given them a third world rail fleet.” He said that what they can change is their methods of communicating where and when the delays will be.

The Council is holding an open meeting on Wednesday at 7 pm at the Stamford Government Center. Cameron is calling for commuters to attend to voice their complaints.