Massive Amount of Plastic Particles Found In Water Surrounding NYC

Plastic Bottles
by Kyle McKee | 02/12/2016 | 6:27pm

Plastic Bottles

The water surrounding New York and New Jersey is notorious for being anything but clean, but a local environmental organization recently discovered just how bad it is.  And the results are shocking.

The New York and New Jersey Baykeepers have found there are at least 165 million plastic particles floating in the waters between the Tappen Zee Bridge and Sandy Hook.  That's more than 250,000 plastic pieces per square kilometer.  These include commonly thrown away items like plastic bags, utensils, and takeout containers.

 Sandra Meola is with the environmental group, and sees the plastic as potentially harmful for humans.  “If plastic is in our waters, fish are mistaking these plastic pieces for food,” said Meola, “and the plastic is making it’s way up the food chain, and possibly contaminating our food supply”

Meloa says the best solution to the problem is for New Yorkers to simply stop using plastic.  

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