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Long Island Immigrants Demand Access to Driver's...

Female Hands driving a car

According to Make The Road New York, more than 250,000 undocumented immigrants in New York state need access to driver's licenses.


"We're organizing this march today to call and demand our elected officials here on Long Island to support the Green Light, which is legislation that will restore driver's licenses to all, regardless of immigration status" says Eliana Fernandez, the lead Long Island organizer for Make The Road New York.

Ahead of their march to the local DMV in Huappauge, NY, Fernandez told WFUV News that the bill will improve public safety to all New Yorkers by allowing everyone to apply for a license, take a road test, and acquire insurance.

Dulce Rojas, of Sepa Mujer, says unlicensed immigrants are preys to insurance scams because they're unable to safely apply for drivers licenses.

Supporters of the green light bill say restoring access to licenses will bring in an estimated $57 million in revenue for New York state and will reduce insurance premiums.

Currently, 12 states has passed similar legislation for undocumented drivers. Up until 2003, New York state residents were allowed to obtain drivers licenses, regardless of immigration status.