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Issues Tank: Twinke Twinkle Little Star

Photo Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons


What do you think of when you look up at the sky at night? Black holes? Distant solar systems? Whether or not you left the oven on? Do you wonder if we are alone in the universe or if there's other life out in the cosmos? Please just tell us that after almost 14 billion years, humans are not all there is. We're kind of a mess.

Okay, we're not so bad. Gotta rep planet Earth. But when you look at that night sky, it's hard not to think about what else is out there, all those other stars and planets and galaxies and everything else we don't even know about. It's mind boggling and incredible. And sometimes, it leaves us longing to go up there too. So we blasted off among the stars to get some answers about what's going on and why young people care. Live long and prosper. Enjoy!

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