Issues Tank: The Struggle Is Real

The final year of college can be a lot of fun - graduation parties, free food everywhere and gifts from relatives you haven't seen in years. It's almost like having a second birthday party! But what happens after you toss your cap into the air on Commencement Day?
The post-college struggle is real, so we decided to spend the first edition of WFUV's "Issues Tank: Pizza and Nintendo, Stories for 90s Kids" looking at the difficulties of getting a job, keeping a job and all the other challenges that come with transitioning to the "real world."
Issues Tank is a podcast geared toward the everyday struggles of those of us adjusting to adulthood. While we probably can’t bring back "Hey Arnold," we can still take on and break down the many issues, questions and even the daily annoyances affecting young adults nationwide.  Dive in!

Weekdays at Noon

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