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Issues Tank: Got Faith?

[Photo: Moyan Brenn, flickr]

Spirituality: it’s arguably the deepest part of our identities, and part of what makes us uniquely human. For Millennials, it can also be a source of difficulty, even confusion. We’re asking the same questions as everyone else—Why am I here? Is there a god? Something more?—but there’s an added layer of anxiety to those questions, thanks to our unsettled period of life.
Issues Tank is taking a look at how the Millennial generation is dealing with those timeless questions in new ways. In this episode, you’ll hear from young Muslims who are adapting their faith traditions to the modern world, a Hindu monk guiding young people along the spiritual journey, and everyday Millennials navigating their religious lives. And whether you’re Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Muslim, Atheist…or just nothing in particular, this episode will shed some light on how religious life is changing from generation to generation.