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Guggenheim Transforms to Explore Perception

Guggenheim Transforms to Explore Perception
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James Turrell showcases light as art in his new exhibition.

It's not too often you see people lying down on the floor of a prestigious art museum.  But the ground level of the Guggenheim is scattered with people as they stare up in awe at the star of American artist James Turrell's new exhibit.

It's called Aten Reign, and it combines LED technology with natural daylight to transform Frank Lloyd Wright's iconic central rotunda into a work of art.  Janelle Zara writes for an art website, and says viewing the exhibit challenged her senses.

"I really got messed up!" she said. "I feel like i tripped over my own feet, because you go into three dimensions and then you jump back to two...your body kind of freaks out."

Zara says this is an exhibit visitors should definitely take their time with.

"The magic isn't always obvious immediately.  You have to let your eyes unfocus, and you have to kind of let it...kind of put your expectations away."

The exhibit opens to the general public tomorrow, taking advantage of the summer solstice - the longest day of the year - to ensure there's plenty of daylight filling the space.  The exhibit runs through September 25th.