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Governors Island Art Fair Expands in 8th Year

Governors Island Art Fair Expands in 8th Year [Photo: Ed Grant, flickr]


The 8th Annual Governors Island Art Fair kicks off this weekend in New York City.

The fair features 100 artists in 100 spaces on the historic island. Founder Antony Zito says the spaces range from the decrepit homes of former military officers to this year's latest addition, an underground cavern once used to store explosives.

"There's peeling paint, broken light fixtures things like that; and so the artists come into these spaces, and they pretty much have no choice but to react to them," Zito said.

Zito says artists are pretty much given free reign to use the space however they'd like. Exhibits cover just about every artistic discipline, from painting, to sculpture, to audio-visual installation, and Zito says a low application fee and no charge to exhibit allows the fair to spotlight undiscovered talent.

"So we have a way of kind of leveling the playing field by creating a presentation for people who don't necessarily always have this type of space for their voice to be heard," Zito said.

The Governors Island Art Fair also provides free admission for visitors. It runs every weekend through September 27th.