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Governor Malloy Gives State of the State Address in...

Governor Malloy Gives State of the State Address in Connecticut
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Democrat Dannel Malloy's taken the oath of office for his second term as Connecticut's governor. He gave his State of the State address Wednesday.
Governor Malloy's making transportation a priority for his second term. 
He said in his State of the State address Connecticut's made more progress in improving its transportation and infrastructure than it has in decades.  But Malloy says there's still much more to do. He says traffic congestion as well as deficient roads and bridges cost Connecticut drivers over $4 billion a year.
"Simply put, our investments have not kept pace with our needs," he said. "And our residents and businesses are already paying that price.  It is unacceptable.  We need a new approach."
Governor Malloy says Connecticut needs to transform its infrastructure to meet the challenges and demands of the 21st century.
"To make us more business friendly, to attract new companies and more jobs, to improve our quality of life, and make our state an even better place to raise a family," he said.
Malloy's calling for a special "lock box" to set aside state revenue for future transportation improvements.  He says he'll outline his funding proposal when he announces his budget next month.