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#FUVLove: Local Baker to give away over 150 Valentines to...

Lisa Cotteglio bakes 150 cheesecakes for the homeless

Lisa Cotoggio, founder of "Grandma's Cheesecake Sandwiches" is baking over 150 heart-shaped cheesecake sandwiches for the homeless people in New York City.

(Photos Courtesy of Lisa Cotoggio)


Lisa Cotoggio celebrates Valentines Day by baking heart-shaped cheesecake sandwiches for people who are homeless

A mystery crime writer turned baker is challenging everyone to help people who are homeless this Valentines Day. Lisa Cotoggio is the founder of a small business she calls “Grandma’s Cheesecake Sandwiches.”

This Valentines day she will be handing out over 150 heart-shaped cheesecake sandwiches to the homeless in Manhattan and Long Island. Cotoggio's desire to help people who are homeless is personal. She is even finishing up a book that is inspired by an encounter she had with a woman who is homeless. She wants to make others feel special this Valentines Day and hopes her efforts will bring more awareness to the crisis of homelessness.