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Families Sue State to Change Teacher Tenure

Families Sue State to Change Teacher Tenure
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Parents say their kids suffered from poor teaching in school.

Seven families filed a lawsuit in Albany today to end certain teacher job protections in New York State.

The lawsuit challenges tenure, layoffs, and the lengthy teacher firing process. Advocates for education reform say these rules can keep bad teachers in the classroom.

"In the State of New York, we are failing to meet our obligations to our students," said Reshma Singh, the Executive Director of the Partnership for Educational Justice.

Keoni Wright is one of the plaintiffs. He says one of his twin daughters has excelled because she had a good kindergarten teacher. But his other daughter had a different instructor that year and did poorly. He says the experience taught him that the law needs to be changed.

"That's why it's important that we have the best teachers. Not good teachers, the best teachers. We should have the best teachers in our neighborhood," argued Wright.

Parents in California filed a similar lawsuit in June. The judge sided with them and struck down tenure in that state, but the case is being appealed.