The Dark, Forgotten Side of New York City

Image of New York Psychoanalytic Institute. (Courtesy of Isabel Danzis)
by Isabel Danzis | 02/07/2024 | 2:18pm

The New York Psychoanalytic Institute was a hub of the movement on the Upper East Side. (Photo Courtesy of Isabel Danzis)

K. Krombie's tours are not your run-of-the-mill tour of New York City. She focuses on history that "the city does not want you to see." Krombie has three tours that all have an eerie tone: Death in New York, The Psychiatric History of New York and Hell Gate. All three tours explain parts of New York's dark, unglamorous, and sometimes controversial past. WFUV's Isabel Danzis attends The Psychiatric History of New York to get an idea of what these Dark NYC tours are like. 

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